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Our Mission

The work market today is broken.

For employees, it’s difficult to discover the right job, and finding meaning at work is even harder.

On the other hand, companies must deal with high turnover and low engagement.

The Work Metaverse (the WoM) aims at addressing both of these issues through a new decentralized working paradigm.

White paper

The Work Metaverse (the WoM)



An ERC20 token, Meed, is the WoM’s currency. 

Users may be rewarded with Meeds when participating in engagement programs. They can make purchases in the company’s store, buy Deeds, invest them and earn a financial return.

Meeds are minted continuously.



A non fungible token (NFT), Deed, is used as a title of ownership in the WoM.

The Deed allows its owner to enjoy a variety of services, such as the use of a digital office powered by Meeds software or the right to receive minted Meeds. 

The Deed is an organization’s digital existence in the WoM.



A Xeed is a user’s decentralized digital identity in the WoM.

Users may store W3C Verifiable Credentials in their identity wallets, which they can then share to prove their expertise.

At all times, the user retains complete control over their data and has the option to decide what is shared.

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Work Investment - Capital Investment

The WoM introduces an innovative distribution “mintium” model, aligning work and capital interests.

In particular, it offers work engagement access to capital and investment, with no initial capital required.

It also offers rewarding investment strategies to capital owners, encouraging longer term, value generating investment.

What’s in it for you?

What’s in it for workers? 

Your digital identity is less subject to bias – your skills are recognized and verified, you own them and can prove them.

Your engagement is rewarded in Meeds, on the base of clear transparent rules. You get your Meeds in your blockchain wallet – they cannot be taken away.

Your work engagement can give you access to the metaverse property – a Deed’s ownership.


What’s in it for employers? 

You get compensated for participating in the WoM, through an innovative “mintium” model.

Your capital is rewarded in multiple ways and gets your access to the metaverse propertyDeeds ownership.

You get access to an engaged employee pool with proven digital skillsets.

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White paper

White paper

Read our white paper on Mirror.

The paper expresses our vision, details the relationship between the different stakeholders, explains the tokenomics and the investment strategies and outlines the roadmap.

White paper
Holders App

Holders App

Discover our Holders App.

There you can follow Meed’s price, stake your Meeds to get Deeds and farm your Meeds via liquidity pools.

Builders community

Builders community

Help us build the WoM, by joining the Builders community.

Discover the services that are associated with a Deed, participate actively and receive minted Meeds in return for your engagement.

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